Love and madness

Do not draw close to me, I would have wasted.
It came to you near to come
And I'm crazy, in my love
Day month and year
Now left the love
Madness is just a bit odd, you have fallen now, my calm has come to your mind.
You will find the reason why you're away from me.
I asked you not to answer.
Thinking about your mad madness, it seems to be endless or you thought that you were out of deep insane.
Now I began to beat the chest as you did, for me
I cry for you today.
Mourn in the desire to see and speak to you, my suffering as if you were in
Wait ... The days passed the year passed
Now I'll get out of that madness ...
Now Palo (I opened a big crocodile)
I swim in the coat and tie and add the carpentry.
My life is a great asset and earning this life
All the crazy people share their talk with me, the most insane who understand their sorrows know me. Dwarf pudding
It has been 8 years since I live for them.

Meanwhile, once again you came (unconscious, breastfeeding, without hoses, crying lazy.
I'm scared, do not let me run away? Do not show anger? Do you miss the sad people?
I'm not happy to know.
Everything I started doing since eating your food today.
It's been 3 years ago I'm with you, you cry, I'm laughing.
I love you as a child.
You are crazy How do you come to my cabin?
The rage drops when you speak, I do not feel so scared.
I have all the money with money and success, but you do not have any good body nor mind.
For 5 years, you have taken care of yourself. Have you got my
Love is with you Now you have a lovely name to know me.
You do not remember the moment of our loved ones. I remember you only.
The new one I have loved with is that the one who wins you, the one who wipes you, and the one who wipes a bath, laughs together.
Slowly, the soul and the brain started to breathe.
You started to rejoice with me
Now madness of new love came to you.
Change has changed It was nice to be happy Your brain and the body got fixed.
Get up, you're still dead
Where I was and loved.
...... Now let me go "Just as I was going crazy and went crazy" Now let's go to my ...
......... .So what do you do now ????

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